Photography and Train Tracks

Photos on train tracks have become one of the hottest things for kids these days!  Whether it be for a cell phone selfie or a professional shoot we are seeing more and more deadly accidents in our news.  Did you know it is illegal to trespass on the tracks?  Even unused tracks are on property that is owned by someone (most are still owned by the railroad) so that is trespassing unless you gain permission.  Here are the state by state laws so you can check yours:

If you are a photographer (or anyone else who wants to know) here is a great article about train track photography from the Digital Photography School: 

The Today Show had an important piece on about train track safety this morning and how dangerous this new fad has become.  You can find more on that here:

We get many calls from people looking for photo shoots on the tracks.  It is especially popular with the high school seniors who really want unique shots like the ones we have shot here:

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And even moms who want to have their small children photographed on the tracks:


The safety of our clients always comes first!  Our photos are not shot illegally and no one is in danger!   We are very lucky at our studio to have made arrangements with a private location to do these shots for our clients!  It is perfectly safe and we are not trespassing!  This is a span of 10-15 feet of track which was purchased then located to a private location.  It is not live, it is not even connected.

How we shoot safely on train tracks!

We shoot on our special tracks using special angles and using other tricks of the trade to make it look like it could be a real set of tracks.

Here is a pull back of our ballerina on the tracks:

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And another original pull back shot here:


Pull back image of girl on train tracks

Final edited image here:


Final edited image of girl on train tracks

This is the only way to do railroad photos safely!  Please stay off the tracks and teach your children that they should NEVER, EVER go near them.  Children and many adults are not even aware that it is illegal never mind deadly!   I have seen at least a half a dozen train accidents this past month alone….all deadly.  The train always wins!  🙁

We are booking our spring summer and fall sessions now!  We are also prebooking newborns at this time!  Contact the studio for more information on our sessions including sessions on our safe train tracks!












Bunny Mini Sessions


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We are so very excited to be offering live BUNNY MINI SESSIONS at the studio this spring!  Who doesn’t love bunnies!?

These sessions are $199 which is due at the time of booking.  Each bunny session is 15 minutes long and you will receive  your favorite 3 digital files with print rights so that you can make prints and cards and gifts for everyone!   And because we know our clients LOVE to have ALL their digital files we are offering an upgrade which is only available at the time of booking so that you may purchase the session with all of your digital files with print rights up front!  The total for the session with The “all digital file upgrade” is $499 if you purchase that option when you book your session!  If you wait and decide to purchase the complete digital collection when you preview your images the charge is $700 on top of your $199 session fee.  So if you love to have all your digital files and you must have them there is a great savings in purchasing that option when you book your session!  We know you’re gonna want them all!

This special event will take place on Sunday, March 18, 2017 beginning at 10am at our studio in Greenville, RI.  We are blocking two hour blocks at a time.  Once the first two hour block fills we will consider opening a second though that is not promised.   These bunny sesions are LIMITED sessions and will be held on this one day only and no other day!

We will have an assortment of bunnies available along with our USDA licensed bunny handler who spends her days loving and spoiling her sweet bunnies in her beautiful and clean bunny and pet location!  She will be carefully selecting the bunnies with the best personalities for our session and she will be there to assist us and be sure the bunnies are well taken care of!  Please understand that these are live animals, they are handled by children and people on a regular basis but they are living animals and need to be handled gently and treated with respect on the set.

These LIMITED bunny mini sessions are booked on a first-come, first-served basis without exception.  No session will be held without being fully booked with payment through our booking system.

We are booking two hour blocks at a time.  Once the first two hour block completely fills we will consider opening the next two hour block immediately following!











Composites, How we do it!

Photoshop Composites!

Composites can be a challenge but any highly skilled photographer can create them with the right steps and tools!   Here is an image of an adorable little girl with Santa photographed during one of our Santa’s Workshop sessions a few years back.  The photo shows a sweet little girl sitting in Santa’s chair with Santa.  No one would think for a second that this little girl did not want to go near Santa, right?

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Here is how the above image is created….We take the little girl out to the lobby and we photograph Santa alone with the chair.  Then we hide Santa so the little girl thinks he is gone and then we put the girl in the chair alone and photograph her.  In photoshop processing we composite the two images together to create the image of Santa and the little girl in the same image.


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In reality this is how the sweet little girl thought about sitting with Santa.  At the very end of the session, the mom agreed to have the little girl sit on Santa’s lap so we could get an image of exactly how the little girl felt about Santa at this time of her life.  The mother was happy to say that she has an image just like this of herself when she was a child!  My client was happy!

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Because most of our session is considered “interactive” in nature we are able to photograph even the most shy children as long as we can get them on the set by simply using strategic angles on special 3 dimensional workshop set!  We did accomplish this with our shy little girl above.  See a couple of the resulting sweet shots of her with Santa below!photographer in ri, santa, ri, photographer, ma, holiday, phography, studio, linda hawkins photography

photographer in ri, linda hawkins photography, santa photographer, ri, ma, santa, holiday, composite, how to composite, professional photographer tips, tricks, editing, photoshop

We have to remember that each and every child is different and of all the hundreds of children that we have photographed over the years in our Santa’s Workshop sessions we have only had a few children that will not go near Santa but will at least play with the fun props on the set and usually that is all we need to get it done!  We have only had one child who would not go on the set at all and we proceeded with removing Santa from the studio set and photographing the child with her parents.  They were very happy to get photos of themselves with their little girl and I’m sure in future years they’ll all have a great laugh about how their sweet girl would not go onto the set with Santa!

Check back for future posts that will show a little more about our strategic shooting on our 3 dimensional set as well as suggestions on the types of outfits that look best on our set!

2016 Santa’s Workshop Booking NOW!

We are booking our 2016 Santa’s Workshop Fine Art sessions at this time!  To book your session head to our online booking tool here:

Be sure to select the desired session type and date of Saturday, November 5th to see and book the available times!  These sessions book out every year so please be sure to book early if you’d like to create some very special memories for your children!

We have included low resolution images shot at our studio her for this example on composites.  To see samples and get more info on the Santa’s Workshop Fine Art pieces we will be creating at this year’s Santa’s Workshop session please take a peek on our Facebook page here:


Kathryn – Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits

It has been incredibly busy at the studio!  I have been shooting senior portraits almost every night and I am loving every minute of it!  The weather has been almost perfect which means we have had very few reschedules which is awesome!  I have been so busy that I really have not had much time to share here!  I do post on the Facebook Biz page when I can but my priority has been shooting and getting things out as quickly as I can!

I wanted to take a few minutes to share some from a recent high school senior session at the farm!  The farm has become a very popular place for sessions and when I have a shoot there we actually reserve the location and pay a fee so when we shoot your session it is private and no one is there to bother us or distract us!  Here are just a few from Kathryn’s session!


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High School Portrait RI, lasalle, high school, rhode island, ri photographer, senior picturees

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RI Senior Photos, portraits, pictures, pics, senior, lasalle, high school

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Senior Portrait, RI, Rhode Island

All  outdoor sessions are shot two  hours before sunset to ensure we have the best light!  For that reason we are limited to just one session per day and we do leave buffer days in the schedule for reschedules due to bad weather.  We are fortunate to have had a wonderful summer where we have only had to reschedule just a couple of sessions due to bad weather!  We are fully booked for July but we do have a few openings still available for August so if you’d like to book your senior session please contact the studio here:   and let us know you’re looking for senior session info!  We will email info out to you about our sessions!



Family Portraits |RI Family Portraits

This family recently came up from DC for their family portraits!  They are special clients because I also shot their beautiful wedding!  I just love seeing my clients come back year after year and how their families grow!  It’s so amazing!  And of course, they are just adorable together!  And let me tell you their little guy is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen!  Here is a quick share!

RI Military Photographer


RI Baby


RI Baby Photography


RI Family Photographer


Hoping you guys have a fabulous holiday together!  Your session was awesome and it was so wonderful to see you again!!!  xo


Newborn Sessions and End of Year Notes!

ri newborn baby photographer, baby, newborn, ri, ma, ct, photographer, family


As we work diligently at processing all our wonderful images from our Santa’s Workshop sessions and wrap up the end of 2016 we’d like to remind everyone that we are now booking 2016 sessions including newborn prebookings!  We do prebook a limited number of newborns each month.  Those that are prebooked receive priority scheduling and those that do not prebook will be allowed to book sessions into the calendar as time allows.  Booking in advance also allows us to personally design and plan out exactly what we will be shooting for your newborn when he/she arrives!  Many of our props are handmade and take time to arrive to our studio!  We recommend giving us three months notice so that we can plan your session and have everything ready to go when you come into the studio for your session!

In addition to our traditional newborn sessions we now have all-inclusive newborn and maternity sessions!  The session includes the session fee and digital files packaged together with considerable savings.  If you are looking for digital images this is the way to go!  Contact the studio for more information on these new sessions as well as any other session information you are looking for!  We absolutely LOVE our littlest clients!

We hope that 2015 has been the best for everyone!  It’s been a very busy one for the studio and we are excited to continue providing our services through 2016!  Looking forward to seeing YOU in front of my camera!  😉


2015 FALL MINI SESSIONS! – RI Family Photographer

RI Family Photographer presents…..

FALL MINI SESSIONS! October 11, 2015!  (advanced appointments are required!)

Collection ONE
20 minute session
10-15 images in an online gallery
25 custom holiday cards with envelopes
1 mounted/sprayed 11×14 print

Collection TWO
$500 (our most popular collection)
20 minute session
10-15 high resolution digital images with
print rights on a disk so that you may
create prints, cards and gifts yourself!

Here is the link to book:
Remember we have ONE DAY ONLY! Once these are gone they are gone! There is no additional availability at the farm this fall!

Let me know if you have any questions!


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Childrens Photographer RI Girl sitting on dock outside in fall

RI Child Photographer

ri photographer, children, family, rhode island

RI Baby and Family Photographer

ri family photographer, children, babies, family, rhode island, photography

ri family photographer, photography, rhode island, ri, family, children, babies

RI Family Photographer


The location is one of our favorites for portraits!   Family, baby, children or even senior portraits are always fabulous here!  Mini sessions are great for people who want a quick 20 minute session which will result in a smaller handful of photos so that they may update their wall portrait or make their own holiday cards!  If you have a child or children who need more time it may be best to book two back to back sessions or a full session at another date!  Please feel free to talk to me about any concerns you may have or about any child(ren) you may have with disabilities, shyness, etc so we can work our best to get you the photographs you will treasure for a lifetime!

Contact the studio directly with questions here: 


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Proud Member of Professional Photographers of America

Jen and Danny’s Belle Mer Wedding!

Jen and Danny’s Belle Mer wedding was a fabulous day!   The day included a rainbow, showers, rain, steam, overcast, sunshine and a beautiful sunset over the Newport Bridge!   Jen and Danny were married under some pretty fabulous storm clouds and just as the last heel scooted inside the door of the fabulous Belle Mer a downpour happened!  It was perfect timing!  Everyone had a beautiful time and there were smiles all around!  It was a beautiful day!  Here are some moments from their day!



RI Photographer, belle mer, wedding, wedding photographer, rhode island, massachusetts, newport

Belle Mer, wedding photographer, rhode island

Belle Mer Wedding Photographer

RI Wedding Photographer, wedding, photographer, newport, belle mer


belle mer wedding photographer, newportNewport Photographer, RI, rhode island, wedding, newportri photographer

ri wedding photographer, newport, belle mer



Contact the studio today for information on our wedding collections and we will send you our wedding guide!  We are meeting with couples  and booking 2016 weddings now so make an appointment for your very own consultation so that we can discuss your special day and your needs!  We will custom design a wedding package just for you!


Contact the studio directly here:


Member, Professional Photographers of America

Proud Member of Professional Photographers of America